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Hello again my awesome followers!

I can’t believe it’s been weeks since I’ve blogged about my life… Regardless of my unfortunate lack of recent blogging, my life has been anything but boring this past month! 

I finally officially quit my god-awful waitressing job at a local mid-end restaurant, and am now full time pursuing my dreams for a living!

I’m proud to announce to all my followers first that I will be on season 2 of NCIS New Orleans!! That’s right, I’m acting! I can’t believe it either… It seems like a once in a life time opportunity, right? Okay, okay. Don’t get too excited now, it’s just extra/background work. However, I can confidently say you will definitely see MY familiar face aired on television quite soon–on more than just one episode! However, my adventures in acting haven’t simply ended there. 

There’s an interesting new television show airing soon that is sure to be a popular hit! I’m sure you’re familiar with Fox News‘s original new series, Scream Queens? (Starring Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas, Deigo Boneta, Keke Palmer, Emma Roberts, and many others.) Well, I also had the amazing opportunity to work on this tv show’s filing project as well–That’s right, everyone! I’m going to be on Scream QueensBe sure to watch season 1 and look for me acting along side major celebrities I had never even dreamed of meeting previously! All of this has been such a blessing and dream come true..!

Furthermore, I am pursuing another crazy task. I am proud to announce that I have begun modeling!! They say the modeling industry is one of the world’s most competitive… Well I say, great! I’m ready for the challenge. Recently I have had the opportunity to work with incredible talent in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, including model Jason Sykes, and photographer Frank Maggiore! I have gained some quite lovely photos along the was as well. Something I never got from my previous job as a server… 

Though it’s all been quite hectic recently, my adventures have also allowed my artwork to grow. I have been photographing, painting, sculpting, and drawing a wide variety of new ideas and objects! Furthermore, I am quite happy to state that my artwork is again for sale, and I am active and selling my art once again on Instagram (@LucidEyeArt) ! 

Well everyone, if you’ve gotten this far into my journey, leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I love receiving and giving advice and feedback! So please, let me know what you think in the comments below!!

I can honestly say, I have fallen in love with my new way of life, and truly feel a sense of fufillment from chasing my dreams. I never thought I’d be making money by doing the things I love and by simply following my aspirations! Though modeling in Louisiana’s most famous city is a life milestone, nothing is better than the sense of happiness I feel each morning when I wake up knowing I get to do something I love! Not even acting on NCIS New Orleans, or on the Screem Queens set with Emma Roberts and Diego Boneta could replace the joy which following my dreams has brought, and will continue to bring me. I hope my adventures serve as a reminder to everyone to follow your dreams while you can, and to never stop doing what you love!

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Eye See You…Comment your eye color!

Goodnight my lovely followers, and pleasant dreaming! Here’s a little sketch of some different groovy eyes I finished tonight. Some say the eyes are windows to our very souls… What do you think? Comment below and tell me what color your eyes are! Mine? Black as night. 👀 Think maybe it says something about me?

What do You Think Aliens Look Like? Comment Below! 


   1 AM but am I in bed? 

   No, rather there are thoughts of the universe flowing through my head.

   They say space is never ending. 

   Is there time? Is there a beginning?

   Above all one thought weighs heavy on my mind…

   Are we alone? Is there simply just mankind?

   It seems slightly conceited to say we are all that exists,

   Yet everyone who believes in aliens is said to have “lost their wits.”

   And if extraterrestrial beings are truly out there…

   What would they look like? What would they wear?

   With pencil in hand, I imagine a galactic space creature. 

   The idea was so clear, it almost seemed like I was about to meet her!

   If aliens look like this, now, I really don’t know…

   But whether you agree or not, you should say in the comments below!! 

My Story (rant lol):

   Well, this is the first post I am making on a blogging website–ever! 

   Let me start by introducing myself! Namasté! My name is Meagan Manning, and I am an art student at Southeastern Louisianan University.

   My hopes for this blogging site are to not only promote artwork I create, but to enlighten and inspire as well. To me art is not only about simple self expression of emotion. I believe art is intended to create a movement of passion, of love and inner peace

   The creation of artwork that means something and shines a beam of enlightenment in a fun and creative way is my goal. I have devoted my life to this mission–this movement! And now I plan on devoting my blog to it as well. 

I would greatly appreciate help from anybody who is interested in following my journey and helping me further universal love and enlightenment through my artwork! Be sure to click all the links below and follow my other sites! Leave me some feedback, and let me know what you think!

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